09 Jan Orlando Conference Schedule

The full schedule for the Orlando Covenanting Conference (January 18-20) has been finalized. The Orlando Conference schedule, with the speakers and their topics as well as break-out sessions, is available here.  In addition to six main stage speakers, there will be 18 breakout sessions on a wide range of topics including “God’s Design for Human Sexuality,” “Justice: Our Biblical Mandate,” and “Doing Mission in Our Changing Context.” We will also offer sessions on the health and benefits plan for the new Reformed body, plus in-depth looks at the Polity and Theology documents.

The three-day conference includes worship in five different styles of praise and celebration, a prayer room open throughout the conference, and 22 exhibitors. More than 2,100 people are registered to join us. We look forward to gathering to learn, fellowship, and worship in Christian community as we find a new way forward in ministry and mission.

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07 Jan Orlando Registration Closes Monday Night

We are excited about the more than 2,100 people who have registered to attend the Covenanting Conference in Orlando, FL, January 18-20. In addition, several hundred  will attend the pre-conference gathering designed for those under age 45. Please note that registration closes Monday, January 9 at 11:59PM (midnight). (more…)

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05 Jan Polity & Theology Feedback

We have heard from hundreds of people who have offered thoughtful feedback, edits, and suggestions on the working drafts of the Polity and Theology documents that we made available last month. We are grateful for the investment of time and spirit of partnership offered from brothers and sisters around the country. Friday, January 6 is the last day we’re able to receive feedback before preparing the revised Polity and Theology documents that will be distributed at the Orlando Covenanting Conference. If you would still like to read the drafts and share your feedback, the documents are available here; the respective email addresses for feedback are listed on the cover page of each document. Thank you for your partnership as we form something new together.

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21 Dec Deadlines Coming Up for Orlando Conference

If you haven’t finalized your plans for Orlando, now is the time! The deadline for registration for the Orlando Covenanting Conference is Monday, January 9. No online registrations can be accepted after that date; walk-in registrations at the event will be accommodated only as there is room.

Rooms at Rosen Shingle Creek can only be guaranteed for reservations made through Monday, December 26.  After that, you will be able to reserve a room at the group rate of $135 a night pending availability.

More than 1,800 people are already registered to join us. Together, we will covenant to discern God’s call, support one another, and stand together as a living witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. Register here.

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15 Dec Reflections from Jim Singleton

Dear Friends of The Fellowship of Presbyterians,

We are deep in Advent around the church, and most congregations are getting the candles ready for Christmas Eve. The Fellowship of Presbyterians is also getting ready for the Covenanting Conference January 18-20 in Orlando. Nearly 1,700 people are already registered. With the Conference just one month away, I wanted to reflect on several things. (more…)

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07 Dec Drafts of Theology & Polity Now Available

Drafts of the documents that the Theology and the Polity work groups have written are now available here. We ask you to read these materials carefully and we invite your helpful comments and suggestions through January 6, 2012. (The two different email addresses where you should send feedback are available on the cover page of each document.) (more…)

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06 Dec Our Mission & Values

The board of The Fellowship of Presbyterians is meeting this week in Chicago, and we continue to be invigorated as we dream and pray together about a new kind of ministry community. We will soon post drafts of our theology and polity documents and invite your feedback. But before we turn to the structural pieces, we want to restate the larger vision – what The Fellowship of Presbyterians is seeking to do and the values that define how we will go about it. In the interests of keeping the “why” ahead of the “what,” we want to share with you some of what has come out of the board’s discussions today as we’ve talked about the mission and values of The Fellowship of Presbyterians. This is not final language, but a taste of what excites us for the future. (more…)

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05 Dec Are Tiers Still an Option?

Many people have been asking about the current status of the “Four Tiers” proposal presented in August at the Minneapolis Gathering — our way of explaining options for congregations to consider, given their particular contexts, while we work together to be the Church of Jesus Christ in a new way. These four “tiers” ranged from no structural realignment to the creation of a totally new Reformed body. They were presented in good faith following conversations with members of the Middle Governing Bodies Administrative Commission and the Office of the Stated Clerk, PC(USA). (more…)

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02 Dec Why a "Covenanting" Conference in Orlando?

A paragraph from the soon-to-be released theology group includes this beautiful explanation:

“We are elect in Christ to become members of the community of the new covenant. This covenant, which God himself guarantees, unites us to God and to one another. Already in the creation, we discover that we are made to live in relationships to others, male and female, created together in God’s image. In Christ, we are adopted into the family of God and find our new identity as brothers and sisters of one another, since we now share one Father. Our faith requires our active participation in that covenant community.”  (more…)

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